Hi! My name is Angie.
I am the creator of the Ashes to Empress Program.
If you are ready for a transformation, you are in the right place!
I'm here to help women and the LGBTQIA community who have been used, abused, controlled, neglected, traumatized, and made to feel unworthy of deep peace, abundance, and freedom to restore the lost pieces of their soul, so they can move past survival mode and begin to thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically without having to read every self-help book ever written, or spend years in talk therapy only to be told they need medications to feel better.
I am not a licensed therapist! I am a trauma survivor who had to figure out how to stay alive and care for my family for years with no virtually no help. I understand what it takes to psychologically survive under unfathomable stress and now I want to teach others not only how to survive, but how to transcend the ashes of the past and thrive in every aspect of their life. I have helped hundreds of stressed out women go from frustration, worry, hypervigilance and self-sabotage to living with confidence, joy, fulfillment and unshakable peace in as little as 3 months.
Before coming to Magickal Transformations I had back, knee, and hip pain, depression, relationship issues, fear, doubt, memory loss, confusion. Physical and mental pain since childhood. I was ready to make a change. I had grown weary dealing with so much pain in my body. While I knew this type of work could “take the edge off”, I had no idea of the power and strength behind the approach Angie takes. The change in my outlook that has occurred is a phenomenon. She has unlocked a door to freedom I never knew existed, and that is with me already believing in the full concept of change. My physical mind is unlocking. My heart is starting to feel and to heal. I am feeling better and better both physically and mentally. I have been able to change the stress levels in my business and personal life. I am happier overall and look forward to my continued freedom from both kinds of pain. I am getting amazing results in every aspect of this treatment, the changes I am feeling and the positive energy I am feeling more and more each day. I believe this has saved my life and is helping from the inside out. The transformation has been amazing.
Desiree H.

Because of working with Angie overall, physically, mentally, and emotionally I feel better and more in-tune with what is going on with me. The sessions can be physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing and very intense, but getting through to the other side is worth it. I feel like I reach a new level on all three every time I work through something. There is no turning back for me with this energy work. I’ve kept a lot of things down with drinking and negative coping skills, so at this point I almost feel like I’m being reborn; completely relearning life, myself, and how I interact with others. Angie is an understanding and knowledgeable guide, and in-tune with energy, life, etc. I also so appreciate Angie’s understanding, caring, and non-judgment. Every session feels “magickal” to me.
Megan M.

When I first came to Magickal Transformations, I was very upset about my life and wanted to go further in my quest of self-betterment. I was looking for more flexibility and connection with my body. I was very skeptical about yoga and energy work. Could I do this? Is this even for men? Is this going to be sketchy like some places I have been to before? I didn’t know if I could move my body into positions required for yoga. This program not only challenged my previous views of yoga, but transformed all my views on the subject. I have experienced a much more whole and meaningful life, more in tune with my body and mind due to yoga. There is no comparing a yoga class setting where form is not corrected or explained vs one-on-one private teaching. I can now do yoga on my own due to the deep level of understanding achieved from this program. I even showed a friend at the gym after a workout how to stretch. I can do yoga poses correctly that I never thought I could do at all; I can touch my toes and I could never do that before. I have more mental clarity and the ability to deal with day-to-day problems using conscious thought and breathing, rather than letting emotions swell over me. My emotions have become much more manageable and I’m more comfortable in my own skin. I seem to connect to my own spirit more every day and for that I am much grateful. I have a much more usable set of tools and behaviors/thought patterns to actually enjoy daily life, not just get by or being miserable anymore. Because of this my life is more amazing every day, and the bad days are more manageable in every way. Angie’s teaching style is unorthodox and I’m grateful for that and for her. I couldn’t go to a “regular” class and get the human experience or knowledge I get with her training. I have gotten more out of Magickal Transformations than ever expected. I highly recommend, get through a few sessions and your life will change for the better.
Jason J.

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