Ashes to Empress
Snatch Your Life Back From Soul-Crushing Stress, Break Out of Survival Mode, and Build An Empire of Deep Peace, Joy, and Freedom!
Your Journey Begins Here:

Ashes to Empress Digital Course

Start with this 5-Module Course. Each step will be broken down and you can work through each module at your own pace.

Ashes to Empress Coaching Sessions

Get 1-on-1 coaching help from Angie to supercharge your results with the Ashes to Empress Program. You can schedule single sessions when you get stuck or multiple sessions to really blast through each module.

Ashes to Empress Digital Yoga Course

Start your yoga journey with this 28-day program that will teach you how to communicate with your body, show you where you are physically holding tension, and help you to release that tension without creating more stress in the process.
Hi! My name is Angie.
I am the founder of Magickal Transformations and sole creator of the Ashes to Empress Program.
After a lifetime of extreme abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, and multiple violations of my heart and soul, my spirit was completely broken. I was mentally exhausted and I had no tools to fix the dumpster fire that was my life. I found myself locked in a women’s correctional institute at the age of 30. That was the first time in my life (ever!) that I didn’t have to take care of anyone but myself. I embraced that time to begin my healing journey. I realized that I needed to restore the lost pieces of my soul that had been stolen from me by my family and my abusers. I studied meditation, yoga, spirituality, and I slowly began to restore my sanity. Over the past 22+ years, I have continued to add to my toolbox and created a life that has brought me peace, joy and a freedom that I never believed possible. I spent 6 years as a licensed massage therapist watching my clients get short-term relief from their stress levels. When Covid lock-downs happened in 2020, my clients were left to struggle with their issues alone. I decided to create a course designed to teach everything I know about changing your relationship with stress. Ashes to Empress will help those who are stuck in a spiral of crippling anxiety, depressive episodes, frustration, and debilitating fatigue to release the shackles of stress and begin to thrive like never before. I am so glad that you have found your way here. With great love and respect, I welcome you with all of my heart.

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will never be shared because that would ADD stress to your life (the opposite of what I’m here for).

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